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“Protect your information and data in the safest manner Design Markaz”

Design Markaz offers its own infrastructure to host their solutions in the same way we organize our own. We handle your company be assured that your web hosting needs. Will use certificates to encrypt your content. Add security features, providing connection according to the location and use of our architecture in order to offer the best solution in the cloud, and online.

Design Markaz web hosting offers its own private giving the best experience, performance and safety. Something invisible to our retina that can make a difference in the eyes of Internet; improving searches, and online ranking. This way you can have dedicated servers and improve your performance.

We will manage and configure all the requirements that you need from our dedicated servers. You access to a good infrastructure for web hosting is essential to improve the performance of your website or web application. Hosting have free will not give you the benefits you ‘ll find a dedicated web hosting and the cost is minuscule considering the advantages that can be achieved.

It is important to mention that our web hosting service will be linked to related professional web design , software development or management systems and / or mobile applications services. Progressive not dedicated exclusively to providing web hosting, it is an extra opportunity to offer our customers.

Web Hosting: Do not put features. In principle the hosting would be like an extra service to our clients. It is not open as if we were hosting company. I do not want to give them characteristics of conventional hosting. Just talk about security (using certificates to encrypt their content), dedicated to optimize server resources, and so on. More generic and less specific. And mention something they know we give them the same security and service we would want for our own company, so they use our

In your web hosting are the following advantages:

  • Resources secured without sharing with anyone else.
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  • Servers managed by 100 % Progressive teams.
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  • We can use more precisely to the needs of your company.
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  • Increased number of databases.
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  • SSL Certificates
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  • More power and flexibility than a shared platform.
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